Beginner’s Guide to the Universe

The Beginner’s Guide for the Universe is a 2-unit course aimed to introduce physics/astrophysics non-majors to overarching paradigms, important concepts, and big results at a qualitative or order-of-magnitude level. Enrollment is by application only, with details being found here.

This course is scheduled for the first time in Fall 2019. The syllabus can be found here.

This course is registered under the course number Astronomy 98. The Beginner’s Guide to the Universe is affiliated with Democratic Education at Cal (DeCal).

Python for Astronomers

Python for Astronomers is a 2-unit course designed to introduce budding astrophysics majors to the Python coding language, which is extensively utilized in astronomical research. As such, it does not demand any prerequisites or prior coding experience. Emphasis is placed on application in data analysis settings, particularly with astronomical data sets.

I co-facilitated this course in two semesters:

  • Spring 2019; with O. Lyau and A. Ye, with support from A. Xu, S. Berger, and R. Dana (instructor of record: Dan Weisz)
  • Spring 2018; with M. Fetzer and O. Lyau (instructor of record: Mariska Kriek)

Course syllabi for these semesters can be found here (Spring 2019) and here (Spring 2018).

This course is registered under the course numbers Astronomy 98 (lower division) and Astronomy 198 (upper division). Python for Astronomers is affiliated with Democratic Education at Cal (DeCal).

Every class, we asked a silly question on the attendance form. You can find those questions, and some choice answers to those questions here (2018) and here (2019).


Splash at Berkeley is a campus-wide event organized once every semester where Berkeley affiliates may teach one-session classes on topics of their choice to interested high school students. Course sessions I have instructed:

  • M507: Mostly Complex (notes) — Spring 2019
  • S391: Why Quantum? (notes) — Fall 2018 (with A. Acharya)
  • S392: Spacetime (notes) — Fall 2018 (with A. Acharya)

My Splash bio can be found here.